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Applying to Pacific Law Academy
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Tigers for LIFE!!!

L-Lifelong Learners

I-Independent/Critical Thinkers


E-Educated Citizens


2015-2016 PLA Application

Please print, complete, and deliver to Pacific Law Academy with all of the necessary information. Continue
Posted by: Carol Anne Sanderson
Published: 7/22/14

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WASC Accreditation

Pacific Law Academy has officially been granted a 3-year Initial WASC Accreditation! Thank you students, staff, parents, and UOP for making us shine!

Parent VUE

Parents can now follow this link to retrieve student grade and attendance information for their students.  This is in addition to Jupiter Grades and should reflect up to date information.

You should have already received your access information about four weeks ago.  But if you have lost the information, please feel free to contact our school secretary, Roxanne Platt, she can assist you.

Volunteer Reception--our Amazing 9th Grade Students

Volunteer Reception--our Amazing 9th Grade Students
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Top of the Class

The goal of ALL Pacific Law Academy (PLA) Tiger's is to attend a four-year university upon high school graduation. PLA provides all A-G course  admission requirements to enter a college or university. Students have small classes, knowledgeable instructors, and tutoring when needed. Extracurricular activities are available. Students at Pacific Law Academy have the best of both worlds, a small learning community with the benefits of large school opportunities.


Show us your talent...
Our 4th annual PLA talent show will be held on Friday, April 24th using the Kohl Elementary amphitheatre.  Auditions will be held on Friday, April 10th and again on Tuesday, April 14th during lunch in Room 12.

Come out and show off your sk... Continue
Posted by: Carol Anne Sanderson
Published: 4/7/15

Our 2015 Mock Trial Team

Our 2015 Mock Trial Team

Cornell Note Strategies-Campus Expectation

What to Wear to Work Wednesday!!

It is the expectation at PLA that every Wednesday, ALL students will come to school "Dressed for Success".  This is a tradition on our campus.  So...what should your student wear?  The best rule of thumb is to have an outfit that one might wear to a job interview.  Students are allowed to wear khaki slacks, collared "polo" style shirts, button down shirts, appropriate length skirts, slacks, blouses, etc.

Are you interested in Work Experience?!!

Work Permits

If you have a job, you must also have a Work Permit.  Work permits must be obtained at the start of a new job and renewed at the start of each new school year.  Current work permits will expire soon and must be renewed before the expiration date.  Work Permits issued last school year expire on August 22nd.  Work Permits issued during the summer expire on August 15th.  See Ms. Yescas, Work Experience Coordinator, as soon as possible to renew your Work Permit.


Work Experience

Students who have a job can enroll in Work Experience Education, an elective course which combines paid employment with classroom instruction.  Work Experience students meet with Ms. Yescas, once a week at school and can earn up to 10 credits per semester and a total of 20 credits per year.  If you are interested in finding a job, Ms. Yescas can assist you with job leads, creating a resume, and equip you with the skills you need to get and keep a job.


If you would like more information, stop by Stagg’s main office to see Ms. Yescas before school or during lunch.

Pacific Law Academy

Pacific Law Academy is a Stockton Unified dependent charter school that was approved by the SUSD Board of Education on January 25, 2011.

The academy is scheduled to house up to 500 students, serve grades 9-12, and is located adjacent to the Stagg High School campus, but has it's own entrance/exit access points, bell schedule and other unique small school features.

Bully Free Zone!!!

Bully Free Zone!!!


Club Day Activities!!!

Club Day Activities!!!

Showing our School Spirit!

Showing our School Spirit!